Documents Required for Pharma Franchise - The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated to ensure the safety and quality of pharma products. With an increased demand for superior quality and safe pharma products, the pharma franchise business has also flourished. To establish a strong and reputed pharma franchise business a list of documents is required. To help budding business investors or pharma professionals set up their franchises, Medxone Healthcare has compiled all the Documents Required for Pharma Franchise in this blog post. 

By knowing about the Documents Required for Pharma Franchise you will not face any difficulty in establishing your PCD pharma franchise business. All these documents are required to ensure that your business is operating legally and in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. Learn more about the documents required for a pharma franchise business at your desired location. 

Rising Popularity of Pharma Franchise Business in India 

The growth of the pharmaceutical industry has given rise to many business opportunities such as PCD or pharma franchise business in India. The low investment requirements and profitable returns are the two main reasons for the success of the pharma franchise business. The minimum investment required for the pharma franchise business is mentioned as follows: 

  • A minimum of INR 50,000 is required, and these can extend up to Lakhs
  • You may also need emergency investment when there is a sudden demand for the stock, but the stock is not available. 
  • To restock the products again, there is a need for a secondary investment amounting less or similar to the primary investment. 

List of Documents Required for Pharma Franchise Business in India 

Starting a pharma franchise business does not have to be so hectic and worrisome. In this blog, we have mentioned all the documents required for a pharma franchise business in India. These documents are required to become a certified dealer and to achieve PCD franchise business from a reputed pharma company. Go through the list of documents and become fully prepared to start a PCD or pharma franchise business in India. 

Drug License

To work in the pharmaceutical industry, a drug license is necessary license. A drug license is a legal permit issued by the State Drugs Control Organization or Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) that gives you a permit to sell Pharma Franchise products at any location in India. It is one of the most important documents required for starting a pharma franchise business. 

Trademark Registration

Trademark registration is important to provide legal protection against the misuse or copying of a company's name or logo. Therefore it is important to get trademark registration to ensure your products have a unique brand identity and a strong position in the market. 

GST Registration 

To safely run a pharma franchise business it is important to comply with GST or Good Sales Tax to avoid any legal consequences in the future. GST registration becomes even more important if you have a turnover of Rs. 20 lakhs or more per year or are involved in inter-state supply of goods and services. 

Partnership Deed (in case of a partnership)

This is a document required in case of partnership. If a partnership exists in the pharma franchise then, the document of the partnership becomes mandatory. This will make everything out of confusion when everything will be in documented written form. This will cost differently in different states.

NOC from the Manufacturer

The foundation of a strong and credible pharma franchise business is built on a robust partnership between the franchise owner and the parent pharma manufacturing company. The NOC or No Objection Certificate from your parent pharma company will contribute to a strong and durable partnership leading to increased profit and sales. 


The Pharma franchise business has gained popularity for its low investment requirements and high profitability. However, it is also important that your franchise business complies with all the rules, and regulations and has all the necessary documentation to abide by all the legal and regulatory compliances. With this list of documents required pharma franchise, you can easily establish your pharma franchise business in India. 


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