How Much Investment is Required to Take Pharma PCD Franchise - India has become the pharmacy of the world, for all the good reasons. With this tremendous growth, many business opportunities have emerged. One such opportunity is starting a PCD Pharma Franchise across various prominent locations in India. Within a short span, the pharma franchise has become a thriving business opportunity in India. If you wish to invest in this lucrative business opportunity and want to know How much Investment is Required to take a Pharma PCD Franchise, read this blog by Medxone Healthcare.  

PCD Pharma Business is counted as one of the most successful business ventures in India. Many entrepreneurs and investors are choosing to invest in a PCD Pharma franchise because of low investment requirements and high returns. To help all aspiring pharma professionals Medxone Healthcare has compiled this article to help them understand How much Investment is Required for the Take Pharma PCD Franchise. With this article, you will get a clear idea about the investment required for the PCD franchise and other important factors. 

Key Factors Affecting the Budget of Your PCD Pharma Business

The cost of setting up a pharma franchise business in India can range from 10,000 to 1,00,000.  Depending on your budget you can manage the scale of your pharma franchise business. Be it a small scale or large scale, owning a PCD Pharma Franchise offers a myriad of benefits. Knowing the factors affecting your budget for a pharma franchise business can help you spend your budget more efficiently. Read the list given below to know more about the factors affecting your PCD Pharma business. 

  • Economic and market conditions of your preferred location. 
  • Hiring Manpower like employees, scientists, and pharmacists. 
  • Transport facilities and your logistic channel. 
  • Infrastructure and set up cost.
  • Licensing and Legal Compliance
  • Marketing and Promotional activities. 

Investment Required for Licenses, Certification and Documentation 

The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated and requires many licenses and certifications for starting a PCD Pharma Franchise in India. To acquire all the essential documents and licenses you are supposed to pay tax or revenue to the government. Licenses, documentation, and certification are once in a lifetime investment. The list of  documents and their associated investment is given below:

1. INR 100, annually for registration for Food Safety & Standard Authority of India (FSSAI). 

2. For Private Limited Company Registration, INR 8,000 - INR 9,000. 

3. Depending on the state, Drug License Number will cost you around INR 5,000. 

4. Trade Mark per product or name will cost INR 4,500 combining the fees of government and advocates. 

5. INR 4,500 for acquiring Tax Identification Number (TIN). 

Additional Investments in Pharma Franchise Business 

Besides, the essentials and documentation, there are several additional investments, making a major part of your investments. These are mostly the regular expenses that have the tendency to pile up and lead to greater loss of revenue in the long run. The list of key additional investments comprising a major part of the investment is mentioned as follows: 

  • Expenses of maintaining the premises and infrastructure. 
  • Salary of Employees
  • Electricity bills and other expenses. 
  • Advance Payment To Third Party Manufacturer (IF)
  • Sales Tax Return to income tax department
  • Payment to logistics partners for on-time deliveries
  • Cost of stocking inventory
  • Allocating funds for marketing and promotion

Benefits of Investing in a PCD Pharma Franchise

PCD franchise is a highly lucrative business if you follow all the regulations and mindfully invest your funds. The low investment and high returns make pharma franchises a highly lucrative business. You can take your pharma franchise business to new heights with marketing and promotional tools. The range of benefits offered by PCD Pharma franchise is mentioned below: 

  • Low investment requirement 
  • Exclusive monopoly rights
  • No interference from the franchise partner 
  • Free marketing and promotional tools
  • Do not require learning a particular skill set


With this article on How Much Investment is Required to Take Pharma PCD Franchise, you will get the blueprint of where and how much you need to spend on. Despite the high success rate you are required to mindfully run your PCD Pharma Franchise with all the rules and regulations. With prior knowledge of investment, you can easily establish your pharma franchise business in your desired location. 


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