Composition : Citicoline Sodium and Piracetam Tablets

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Citicoline Sodium and Piracetam Tablets- Nerve disorders can be very disturbing disease for anyone this particular medication is combination of two different chemical composition one is Citicoline sodium and other one is Piracetam and they both possess different types of medical properties and these properties are very effective in treating neurological and cognitive disorders and conditions such as Stroke, Parkinsonism and Alzheimer diseases. This medication is also used to enhance the memory. Normally such kind of problem found in elderly people but these days nerve getting more common because of daily stress that are causing problems and to treat such problem we need effective medication and for that you can trust on Citicoline Sodium and Piracetam Tablets.
This medication is available in the form of tablet right way of administrating this drug in the body is oral because this medication is based on chemical formulation which is why you should start this medication only when you get proper prescription from your doctor. To get right therapeutic effects from this medication you must maintain right amount of drug concentration in the body. If anyone is suffering from mental disorder or nerve disorder then he or she can trust in this medication to get rid of these problems.

Mechanisms of Citicoline Sodium and Piracetam Tablets

Administrating route for this medication is oral when you take this medicine through your mouth this tablet goes to three different phases at first the complex API of Citicoline Sodium and Piracetam is broken down into simpler form so that it can easily get absorbed on the stomach’s surface then with the help of bloodstream it reaches to affected site and start performing its mechanisms that are mentioned below.
Citicoline Sodium- This chemical composition helps in improving the neurological function and this composition does that by increasing the formation of the phosphatidylcholine that is a primary neuronal phospholipid require by the brain form enhancing the acetylcholine’s production. This chemical is required by the brain for performing different types of neurological functions.
Piracetam- This chemical is other composition from this medication that possess different types of medical properties which helps in treating different symptoms of neurological disorder. Neurotransmitters helps in transmitting the information from different parts of the body and helps in improving the memory. This chemical composition improves the functions related to neurotransmitters especially acetylcholine which is why the combination of these two chemicals compliments each other. One increases the production of acetylcholine and other one improves its functions.

Benefits of Citicoline Sodium and Piracetam Tablets

Nerve problems are very bigger problems in these days and to treat such problems we need effective medication and this Citicoline Sodium and Piracetam Tablet serves this purpose very well. These are some of the benefits of using this medication.
  • Treats neurological and cognitive disorders
  • Treats brain Stroke condition
  • Very effective in case of Parkinsonism and Alzheimer
  • Improve production of neurotransmitters
  • Also improves the function of neurotransmitters

Side Effects of Citicoline Sodium and Piracetam Tablets

There is a therapeutic level of every medication which is decided by the drug’s concentration. When the drug concentration is crosses the therapeutic level then the body may suffer from some side effects the other reasons of side effects for this medication is when any of its chemical is reacted with other chemicals in the body. These are some of the side effects of this Citicoline Sodium and Piracetam Tablet.
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach Pain
  • Weight Pain
  • Headache
  • Nausea and Hyperactivity

Direction for Using Citicoline Sodium and Piracetam Tablets

To gain full therapeutic effects from any medication you should utilize that medicine in right way. These are some instructions by following that you can utilize this medication to its full extent.
  1. Do not crush and chew the tablet, take whole tablet with a glass of water.
  2. Store this tablet in a cool, dry, and dark place.
  3. If you are taking any other medication inform you doctor before starting this medication because it may interact with other drug.
  4. Follow your doctor’s prescriptions to the points.

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