Composition : B-Complex, L-Lysine & Zinc

Packing : 200ml Syrup

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B-Complex, L-Lysine & Zinc Syrup is a combination of vitamins that provides a balance in maintaining the nutritional levels of a person. It helps with the nutritional deficiencies of alcoholism, pregnancy, or a serious medical illness. Vitamins are an essential part of the body that improves health by increasing immunity levels. The vitamin B includes Vitamin B12, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin/niacinamide, vitamin B6, folic acid, and pantothenic acid. The Vitamin B complex helps in improving the metabolic rate and lets the nervous system function well. The Vitamin B complex is water-soluble one that does not stay in the body rate and is flushed away from during the process of excretion. Consuming the syrup regularly as a power the advice of the doctor will reduce the chances of fatigue, dermatitis, anemia, mental health symptoms, sleep disturbances, and irritability.

The L-lysin is a form of a protein that is essential for the skin. It increases the production of collagen and the elasticity of the skin. Further, it increases the tendency of the skin tissues and the tendons. It also benefits the bones. It reduces neurological and physical problems. Zinc on the other hand improves the function of the body keeping the attack of viruses and bacteria away. The B-Complex, L-Lysine & Zinc Syrup is a beneficial drug if taken adequately.

It is important to administer the use of the syrup with precaution. Take it in a limited quantity, avoid the use of any unhealthy food, and improve your lifestyle. It is mandatory to take the syrup on time. Note that if you are pregnant, do not consume the syrup until necessary. 

Regular use of B-Complex, L-Lysine & Zinc Syrup can trigger some side effects such as nausea, drowsiness, vomiting, headache, abdominal pain, etc. Anything serious should be reported to the healthcare professional. This is only for external use, keep it in a cool and dry place. 

Uses of B-Complex, L-Lysine & Zinc Syrup 

This is a nutritional supplement that provides the best results in reducing health issues as it increases the potency levels and immunity levels of the body. The syrup increases the metabolic rate in the body and improves immunity therefore fighting fatigue, anemia, etc. 

Here are some beneficial advances of this syrup.

  • It improves the condition of the nervous system and improves physical activity.
  • With its use, you may not feel drowsy and your energy levels will be maintained.
  • It helps fight viruses and bacteria.
  • The syrup enhances the collagen and the elasticity in the skin. 
  • It improves the sleep cycle and the excretion process of a person. 

Precaution with B-Complex, L-Lysine & Zinc Syrup 

The important precautions a person needs to follow are mentioned below.

  • Take the syrup in a limited quantity.
  • Try to avoid the use of combination pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Do not use the syrup if you are allergic to it.
  • Inform them about your medical history to the doctor.
  • Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should avoid consuming syrup.

Side Effects of B-Complex, L-Lysine & Zinc Syrup 

The common side effects of the syrup are mentioned below.

  • Nausea
  • Loose stools
  • Vomitings
  • Headache
  • Drowsiness

Note- The B-Complex, L-Lysine & Zinc Syrup is only for external use.

Storage- Keep B-Complex, L-Lysine & Zinc Syrup in a cool and dry place

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