Composition : Simethicone 60mg + Megaldrate 400mg

Packing : 170ML-Bottle without outer

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Simethicone and Megaldrate Dry Syrup- Generally, Stomach problems can be the reason for many medical problems. These problems normally occur because of the increase of H+ ions in the body. This medication is very effective in treating problems related to the stomach especially excess stomach acid and easy pass of gas (burping). This medication has two very special anti-acid and anti-flatulent. These properties provide relief from the irritation caused by excess acid in the GI tract.

This medication is in the form of suspension which is why it has an easier route for administrating the drug. Elder to children, anyone can administrate this medicine in the body. Because the children have narrow food pipes which is why they are unable to take tablet and capsule form of medication. The compositions that are available in these tablets in based on chemicals that is if you want to start this medication then you must have take prescription from a doctor.

Mechanisms of Simethicone and Megaldrate Dry Syrup

This medicine is in suspension form and it has fine granule API particles in it because of its form this medication must be administrated in the body through the mouth. Before starting its mode of action this suspension went through three different phases because every API is not available in an absorbable form which is why biocatalysts act on the complex form of API and then these biocatalyst enzymes break its complex form into simpler forms so that it can easily get absorbed in the muscles tissue. From there this simpler form gets integrated into the bloodstream and reaches the affected site due to the access acid and performs its mode of action.

Simethicone- This is one of the chemical compositions from this suspension that has anti-flatulent effects. This anti-flatulent property helps in reducing the surface tension of the air bubble and it also neutralizes the access acid of the stomach. By decreasing the surface tension of the gas bubbles, this chemical composition helps in facilitating the easy pass of the from the stomach.

Megaldrate- have anti-acid property. Generally, access to acid in the body is caused because of the increase of H+ ions in the body. This chemical composition inhibits and neutralizes these H+ ions by doing that it provides relief from irritation caused by the access acid in the GI tract. 

Benefits of Simethicone and Megaldrate Dry Syrup

If you use this medication as per your doctor's prescriptions and maintain the right amount of the drug concentration in the body then you can get full therapeutic effect from this medication. These are some of the benefits of this Simethicone and Megaldrate Suspension that this medication can give by treating these problems which are mentioned below. 

  • Acidity,
  • Bloating
  • Indigestion
  • Heartburn and gas
  • Easier route for administration 

Side Effects of Simethicone and Megaldrate Dry Syrup

This medication is formulated by using chemicals and such chemicals can interact with the other chemicals in the body when it does that the body may suffer some side effects other than that sometimes people ill-practice this medication due to that, there can be an increase in drug concentration which may show some adverse effects which are mentioned below.

  • Bad taste 
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Upset stomach

Directions for Using Simethicone and Megaldrate Dry Syrup

If you want to gain full therapeutic effects from any medication you must administrate that medicine in the right way. Drug concentration plays an important role in healing the body. These are some instructions that you must kind in mind by taking this medication.

  • Do not take an extra amount of this suspension.
  • Take this medication timely.
  • Store this medicine in a cool, dry, and dark place.


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