Composition : Notriptyline10 mg + Pregabalin 75mg

Packing : ALU ALU -10X10

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The brain plays an important role in the function of the body. It has a neuron network that is connected with the help neuron system throughout the body. This system helps in supplying information to different parts of the body with the help of this nerve system. But sometimes you feel inflammation or nerve pain because of the injuries or sometimes because of the release of certain chemicals this tablet of Notriptyline10 mg + Pregabalin 75mg is very effective in treating the problem of nerve pain or at least this medication provides instant relief.

Nerve pain can be a very painful experience and this pain occurs because there is an increment in VGCC which increase the glutamate and sensory neuropeptides and these two can cause inflammation in the nerve system and to tackle this kind of problem you can use Notriptyline10 mg + Pregabalin 75mg tablets because it helps in blocking the chemical which is causing the pain. This medication reduces the pain by calming down the damaged brain because a damaged brain can block the pathway for the spinal cord which make it difficult for the spine to send instruction and which can cause sudden pulse raise in the brain and may cause inflammation which can create the problem of nerve pain and this two composition helps in solving the problem relate this nerve pain.

Mechanisms of Notriptyline10 mg + Pregabalin 75mg tablets

Notriptyline10 mg + Pregabalin 75mg is a combination of two different chemical combination which has different-different properties which help in tackling problem-related to nerve pain. They two can perform different modes of action. Notriptyline10 mg comes under the category of antidepressant and sedative type of drugs. This tablet gets taken orally and follows the metabolism process and gets absorbed in the tissue and goes to the bloodstream which helps to take this tablet at the nerve point where it shows its therapeutic effects by inhibiting the membrane pump mechanisms because this mechanism is responsible for the uptake of norepinephrine and serotonin these two are chemical messenger which are responsible for nerve pain.

The other composition of this tablet is Pregabalin 74 mg, this chemical composition is helpful in blocking VGCC (Voltage-Gated Calcium Channel). This VGCC helps in increasing glutamate and sensory neuropeptides which are neurotransmitter that creates nerve pain problem. By blocking VGCC it helps in decreasing glutamate and sensory neuropeptides which provide you instant relief from nerve pain and this medication can block VGCC because it has certain properties which are helpful in inhibiting Ca2+ influx which reduces the calcium ion number.

Benefits of Notriptyline10 mg + Pregabalin 75mg tablets

Sometimes the brain gets injured and there can be a problem with your spinal cord which can create the problem of nerve pain because of there in unnecessary production of neurotransmitters, this chemical messenger can cause inflammation in the brain and to tackle this kind of problem you can you Notriptyline10 mg + Pregabalin 75mg tablets. These are some benefits of this medication

  • Calm the damaged nerve
  • Take under-control over-reactive nerve
  • Block the VGCC
  • Inhibit the chemical messenger which is causing inflammation
  • Decrease the pain sensation in the brain

Side effects of Notriptyline10 mg + Pregabalin 75mg tablets 

These two chemical compositions is a chemical-based compounds and chemical have certain properties and this property helps in solving a certain problem but while doing that it can also effects unnecessarily to the other biochemical of the body and which can make some adverse effects and these adverse effects can be its side effects. These are some side effects from which you can suffer.

  • Dizziness
  • Sleepiness
  • Nausea
  • Blurred vision
  • Peripheral edema (swelling of lower legs and hands)
  • Weight gain
  • Dry mouth

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