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Paracetamol 650mg Tablets are medicines that belong to the group of analgesics that are painkillers and antipyretics known as fever-reducing agents. The tablets help in the treatment of mild or moderate fever in adults. The tablets help in reducing headaches, backache, muscle pain, toothache, and period pain as well. The pain and the fever in the body are caused because of chemical receptors called prostaglandin. The tablets work to reduce the effects of the receptor “prostaglandin”. Soon it regulates the presence of prostaglandin, the body’s temperature starts to rise and therefore the fever is reduced. The Paracetamol 650mg Tablets further prevents the pain. 

The Paracetamol 650mg Tablets is a widely used over-the-counter tablet. It reduces the intensity of chemicals in the body. The tablets offer positive results but only when a person balances them with the precautions. The suggested precautions are to take the tablets in a limited quantity, avoid the use of medicines that cause health issues when taken in combination, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Any medical issues such as liver infection, diabetes, heart strokes, etc should be reported to the healthcare professional. Do not keep the medicines if you are allergic to them, keep in mind that the tablets may cause some side effects such as loose stools, vomiting, headache, diarrhea, nausea, etc. If you face any serious problems consult the professional immediately.

Keep the tablets in a cool and dry place with no contact with sunlight. The Paracetamol 650mg Tablets are only for external use

Uses of Paracetamol 650mg Tablets

Paracetamol is a traditional medicine always suggested by doctors to reduce the pain and the fever in the body. The tablets offer stable results in balancing the temperature of the body by decreasing it. 


  • Fever
  • Mild to Moderate pain
  • Post Vaccination Fever

Paracetamol improves the production chemical called prostaglandin which results in the release of pain and fever. The tablets work on affecting the hypothalamic heat-regulating center.

Precaution of Paracetamol 650mg Tablets

Here are some essential precautions you need to follow while consuming these tablets. This will help in the better results and the treatment. 

  • This is a higher indication dose therefore take the tablets in a limited quantity.
  • The medicine is recommended for 18+ adults.
  • Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet.
  • Consuming alcohol may respond negatively.
  • It is essential to keep yourself hydrated.
    If you have any medical issues such as liver problem heart blockage etc inform the doctor. 

Side Effects of Paracetamol 650mg Tablets

The common side effects of these tablets are

  • Nausea
  • Loose stools
  • Vomitings
  • Drowsiness
  • Allergies
  • Indigestion
  • Skin rash

Storage- Keep the Paracetamol 650mg Tablets in a cool and dry place

Note- The Paracetamol 650mg Tablets are only for external use.

Frequently Asked Questions For Paracetamol 650mg Tablets

Question 1: Is the Paracetamol 650mg Tablet suitable for children?

Answer 1: No, the tablets are not recommended for pediatric use. This is a higher-dose medication.

Question 2: What is the consumption quantity of Paracetamol 650mg Tablets?

Answer 2. Generally, you can consume only 1 tablet per day but in severe cases, the doctor can suggest 2 doses of Paracetamol 650mg Tablet per day.

Question 3. Paracetamol 650mg Tablets are recommended during pregnancy.

Answer 3. The doctor might suggest the use of Paracetamol 650mg Tablet during pregnancy. Console the doctor to know more. 

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